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 What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a charcoal that has been through a process to increase its adsorption power. It has high surface area due to imperfect structure that are created during production process. It has broad range of pore sizes that are suitable to adsorb many types of contaminants. A gram of our activated carbon has surface area of over 800 square meter.

What is Activated Carbon made of?

Our activated carbon for water filtration are made of many materials that contain high carbon content such as coal, coconut shells, and wood. Our activated carbon for water filtration are blended to have the right properties for your water treatment requirements.

What can Activated Carbon remove?

Activated carbon for water filtration are capable of removing many contaminants in the water. Here are some of the applications that our activated carbon are great at:

• Taste removal

• Odour removal

• Colour removal

• Chlorine removal

• Pesticides removal

• Organics removal

• Disinfection by-product removal

• Algal toxins removal


Selecting the right activated carbon for water filtration requires a lot of expertise.

Benefits of our Activated Carbon

• Our carbon are suitable for industrial application, they have the high hardness and abrasion resistance required during backwashing

• The pore structures are consisted of many sizes, provides wider range of contaminant removal capabilities compare to other materials

• The carbon has high porosity, minimising the carbon loss during backwash operation.

Quality of our Activated Carbon

Our activated carbon for water filtration are NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified. It is suitable for drinking water application.

Specification of Activated Carbon for Water Filtration

Characteristics Value
Mean Particle Diameter, mm 0.9 – 1.1
Iodine Number, mg/g (min.) 1000
Molasses Number (min.) 230
Ash, weight % 10
Moisture, weight %, as packed (max.) 2
Abrasion Number (min.) 75


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