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Reverse Osmosis Membrane


What is Reverse Osmosis Membrane? 

Reverse Osmosis membrane (RO membrane) is a type of filtration membrane that has pore sizes of roughly 0.001 micron. With high pressure pushing the water through its small pore size, we get water that is high in purity.

What is Reverse Osmosis Membrane made of?

The first generation of Reverse Osmosis membrane (RO membrane) is made of cellulose acetate. As the technology advances, most membranes are made out of cross-linked aromatic polyamide composite.

Which contaminants could be removed using Reverse Osmosis Membrane?

Reverse Osmosis membrane removes ions from the water via mechanical separation method. It retains all ions in the water while letting water passes through its membrane; typically, the salt rejection rating is roughly 99.7%.

Why work with us on Reverse Osmosis membrane?

With over 41 years of experience in water treatment industry, we are experienced in membrane selection process. When we design select a membrane for your system, it is our objective to optimize your total cost of ownership. We work with our customer to find the balance between capital expenditure and operating expenditure. Our membrane selection method is based on your feed water quality and the required product water quality.

Specification for Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Characteristics Value
Permeate Flow 41,600 lpd
Salt Rejection 99.7% (99.6% min.)
Configuration Spiral Wound
Membrane Polymer Composite Polyamide
Membrane Active Area, m2 37.1 m2
Feed Spacer 31 mil (0.787 mm.)


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