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Our water treatment chemical covers boiler, cooling tower, chiller, clarifier, and RO system. Our formulations are based only on the best available material in the market.

Our products include Memtreat Creguard.




Advanced Water Treatment Chemicals

Formulated to provide maximum protection to your system.
Animate your images, animate your icon boxes, animate charts, counters and progress bars.
You can also set the delay time, to synchronise everything.



100% Translatable

Reach a wider audience with Dante, it’s fully translatable using the WPML plugin. English and French translations are included.

Mega Menu

Sometimes a standard menu just won’t cut it, that’s why Dante allows you to roll out a super slick mega menu.

Extensive Theme Options

Customise Dante to your hearts content with a plethora of advanced options and settings.
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10 Blog Types

Display your blog posts in a variety of interesting ways; choose from timeline, mini or masonry, each available with sidebars.
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7 Portfolio Types

When it comes to displaying your work, Dante gives you lots of creative flexibility; from 2 to 4 columns, gallery style and masonry.
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Promo Bar

Set a site wide call to action with our promo bar. Choose from 2 different styles and lots of customisable options.
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Demo Content Install

Get up and running at the drop of a hat with our easy demo install process.

Colour Scheme

Integrated Colour Scheme system, allowing you to save, export, and quickly swap between any number of colour schemes.
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Choose from full-width style or boxed. With boxed you can choose from 99 background images provided, or upload your own.
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Inner/Out Page Backgrounds

Dante allows you to use a different background on every page, if you want to that is.
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Mini Header

Make it easy for your users to navigate your site with our ever-present mini-header.
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Powerful Page Meta

Take your customisation a step further with our powerful page, portfolio and blog meta options.
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