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Reverse Osmosis System


What is the use of Reverse Osmosis System (RO System)?

Reverse Osmosis System (RO System) can be used to purify water or to concentrate and recover dissolve solids in the feed water. Today, Reverse Osmosis System is widely used in many industrial processes to produce suitable water quality.

What are some common applications of Reverse Osmosis System (RO System)?

• Desalination of sea water and brackish water for potable use
• Generation of ultra pure water for the microelectronics industry
• Generation of high-purity for pharmaceuticals
• Generation of process water for beverages
• Processing of dairy products
• Concentration of corn sweeteners
• Waste treatment for the recovery of process materials
• Water reclamation of municipal and industrial waste water

How to maintain your Reverse Osmosis System?

Due to the nature of Reverse Osmosis System (RO System), it operates at high scaling and high fouling potential. To reduce scaling and fouling problem, it is highly recommended to use an antiscalant to protect your system.

What benefits could we offer you?

Each Reverse Osmosis System (RO System) is engineered based on your feed water quality and the required product quality. Our engineers will provide the appropriate design and operating parameters, then, select the right reverse osmosis membrane for your application.

What are the feed water quality requirements for Reverse Osmosis System?

Reverse Osmosis System with good pretreatment will have much lower operating expenditure. Aside from free chlorine, additional requirements are listed below:

Species Measurement Method Value
Suspended Solids Turbidity Less than 1 NTU
Colloids SDI Less than 5
Microbes Dip Slides Less than 1000 CFU/mL
Organics TOC Concentration Less than 3 ppm
Color Color units Less than 3 APHA
Metals Concentration Less than 0.05 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration Less than 0.1 ppm

Available Models for our Reverse Osmosis System

Characteristics Value
Mean Particle Diameter, mm 0.9 – 1.1
Iodine Number, mg/g (min.) 1000
Molasses Number (min.) 230
Ash, weight % 10
Moisture, weight %, as packed (max.) 2
Abrasion Number (min.) 75


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