We have over forty years of experience and strong localization in Thai water treatment industry. We don’t just solve problems, we make transformation happen.

We understand

your water needs.


Water treatment is our passion.
We are here to help you.

We love what we do. We take pride in our work.
More importantly, we make sure you benefit the most out of it.

Water Treatment Engineering
We design and build the water treatment plant that suits your needs. Don’t worry, we can help with the operation too.
Laboratory Analysis
To provide an accurate data, our laboratory performs analysis of water chemistry adhering to the international standards.
Plant Maintenance and Services
Water treatment plant is the heart of the factory. Proper maintenance plan is important to ensure production continuity.
Water Treatment Chemicals
We crafted MEMTREAT and CREGUARD for each of your water treatment systems to offer both performance and ease of use.
Control and Automation Solutions
We simplify the complexity of managing water treatment plant by giving it a brain. Already have a plant? We can give it one.
Treatment Plant Assessment
To improve the plant’s performance, we can give your plant an assessment to set the right target we want to achieve.

Water is the heart of factory. We understand the importance of production continuity in your business. We make sure there is water when you need it.

We keep the

water production going.

You provide requirements.
We provide solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all water treatment plant for every application.
We tailored each water treatment solutions based on your requirements.

Boiler Feed
Conditioning boiler feed to meet the required boiler feed
Boiler Feed
Conditioning cooling tower feed to
minimize operating cost
Boiler Feed
Producing high quality water for process and manufacturing uses
Boiler Feed
Conditioning feed water to meet the required water quality
Drinking Water
Producing high quality drinking water adhering to NSF standards
Turning high salinity seawater into high utility freshwater
Wastewater Treatment
Treating wastewater to meet the discharge requirements
Water Reuse
Turning low-value wastewater into high-value freshwater

No ask is too much. Set the goal you want to achieve, we will go the extra mile to deliver the results.

We achieve

bigger results.

Process optimization is our core.
We minimize your total cost of ownership.

There is no one-size-fits-all water treatment plant for every application.
We tailored each water treatment solutions based on your requirements.

Save Cost
The most economical system is one with lowest treatment cost.
Reduce Waste
Reducing waste not only save cost. It is also socially responsible.
Increase Efficiency
Extracting the most value from available resources is the key to success.
Save Time
Focus on what matters.
Let us do the rest.

To help drive change at an organization level, we work closely with our partners to deliver the solutions that transforms the way water is purified.

We create impact using water technology

Water innovation is never done.
Neither are we.

We want to empower our partners to achieve all their goals.
To create impact, we continually invest our resources in pursuit of water innovation.

Most reverse osmosis systems operate at under 75% recovery rates. Achieve more with our Delta-RO system with dynamic recovery rates of up to 98%.
Containerized and Modular Plant Design
Experiencing spike in water demand at different factories? Our mobile and modular water treatment plant design will provide the
flexibility you need.
NanoTrace Chemical
Eliminate over-dosing and under-dosing by using our NanoTrace Chemical to track the exact dosage. Control and protect your valuable system better using smarter chemicals.
Water Plant Insights
Our cloud-based software performs real-time analysis of water treatment systems to help us monitor our systems. When anything requires attention, our team is on the way.